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Baxter Heat Pumps provide servicing and maintenance of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and exhaust air heat pumps from leading manufacturers including NIBE, Mitsubishi and Thermia. Your heat pump should be serviced annually to maintain or improve efficiency (this is now very important due to recent increases in energy prices), maintain manufacturer warranty and improve life expectancy.

19% of all heat pumps in operation have some kind of fault, but do not produce an alarm. It can be a sensor showing the wrong value, clogged hoses inside the heat pump which we can work out from running temperatures, problems with particle filters that won’t show up before the pump stops for an HP, LP alert or a broken down circulation pump. 

By doing a routine maintenance of your heat pump, these faults will show up and can be fixed before severe incidents or breakdowns happen causing increased energy use by switching to the immersion.

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