Whichever style heat pump you have, we will have a service plan to suit your make and your schedule

Service & Teaching

Our qualified engineers will give you advice and will show you how to maximise efficiency from your heat pump. Giving you tips, do’s and don’ts on the complex running, settings and maintenance procedures throughout the year.

Replacement Filter

On all of our Baxter Heat Pumps services we will replace your EAHP filters free of charge.

Discounted Rates

Following a Baxter Heat Pumps service, we will offer discounted call out rates, labour and priority on further unfortunate call outs to your system.

In Depth Report

Our specialist engineer will carry out a pre-planned maintenance service and will provide you with an in-depth report on all settings, adjustments, requirements and suggestions on your heat pump.

24hr Tech Advice

Our annual service plan will allow you access to our 24 hour phone support providing you technical advice on your heat pump as and when required. This will often allow our skilled engineers to diagnose, rectify or aid over the phone.

Priority on Future Call-outs

As part of our annual service plan you will receive priority on all future call outs.


We are one of the few companies which offer service, maintenance and 24 hour technical support on all heat pumps in the UK.